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Meet Our Bible Class Teachers

We have a wide range of teachers. Spanish speakers too!
Tampa Bay Bible study teacher, Joseph Sullivan. Learn core Bible study lessons to help you grow.

Meet one of the Bible class teachers

Joseph Sullivan

I am grateful for your interest in spiritual things. Bible study is something I value and if you're here, it must be near and dear to your heart as well. Through the years I've been given the honor to study the Bible with like-minded people who care about the Word of God. I've also studied with people who view themselves as atheists and agnostics. 

I enjoy such studies. Though my name is mentioned here, please know other teachers are a part of this group. And that we also have ladies who help out in teaching women as well.

It is a pleasure and an honor to study the Word of God with people who want to grow in His truth. I hope we can meet up to open the Bible together sometime.

- Joseph Sullivan

Join our Bible study group and grow in the Word of God. We are in Tampa Bay Florida.

Let us help you grow

Bible study themes

Our goal in Bible study is to help you grow in purpose, direction, understanding, and wisdom. The Word is called "our lamp to our feet and a light to our path." - Psalms 119:105


The vision of these classes is to let the Bible speak in our lives, in giving us guidance.


We also will tailor our classes for those who have struggles they want to address, or for those who want to learn about a certain topic.

I pray for God to open to us His words as the classes strive to strengthen and uplift their students.

All faiths, denominations, Buddhists, Hindus, atheists, agnostics, etc. are welcome!  :D

Cyndia L, FL

Thank you for studying with me. You made a difference in my life.
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